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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Impounded Saudi ship to be sold

The livestock carrier Mawashi Al Gaseem, which has been impounded at Port Adelaide since March, is to be sold. Orders were made in the Federal Court today commencing the sale process.
The ship has racked up debts to oil suppliers Bunker and other companies of more than $600,000. The ship's Saudi owners have not paid the 69 foreign crew since February.

(Jamie Newlyn - SA Branch Secretary at Maritime Union of Australia)

Creditors and crew hope the valuation and sale of the vessel will bring an end to the six-month saga. Jamie Newlyn from the Maritime Union of Australia says the ruling is finally some positive news for the crew.

"It's still a waiting game for the time being. We just need to wait and see what the valuation occurs and whether there is a sale so the crew can be paid and repatriated", Mr Newlyn said.

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Qatari woman beats up porn-addict hubby

A Qatari woman bashed her husband up after he refused to stop watching pornographic films on TV, reports Al Sharq was told. She has gone to her parents' house and is demanding divorce. The wife was against her husband watching dirty films because they had young children, including grown-up daughters.

The husband used to watch vulgar films in the night when the children were asleep. But on the night when there was scuffle with their mother screaming at the top of her voice and beating their father up, the children woke up and came rushing only to see a porno film being screened on the TV. "That was what I was fearing," Al Sharq quoted their mother as saying.

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Honour for Bahrain's Citigroup

Citigroup has been named as the Best Internet Consumer Bank in Bahrain, in annual awards organised by the Global Finance Magazine. Citigroup won 47 consumer and corporate/institutional Internet bank awards in 30 countries around the world.

"We launched our Citibank Online (CBOL) banking service in Bahrain in 2004 and we have been continuously increasing the service level to best meet our clients' needs ever since," said Global Consumer Group country business manager Ashish Bhugra.

"We believe that Citibank Online is unrivalled in providing banking functionality while ensuring that the system is as user-friendly as possible. "This award is clearly a recognition of our service and it reflects the satisfaction of our clients."

Global Finance is a finance magazine circulating in over 158 countries. Winners were chosen from entries evaluated by a world-class judging panel and Global Finance editors were responsible for the final selection of winners.

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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Gulf Air to Offer Philippines-Dublin Connecting Flight

Travelers can soon take their flights from the Philippines and other Far East countries to Dublin, Ireland passing through Bahrain and vice versa by flying through Gulf Air. This flight from the Philippines to Dublin is made possible when the airline launches in December the first-ever scheduled services from Dublin to the Middle East and onward connections and vice versa.

(James Hogan, CEO of Gulf Air: Those who are set to benefit from the
new flight connections include Filipino nurses, overseas contract workers
(OFWs) and businesspeople traveling to Ireland)

The non-stop flights (from Dublin) will allow direct travel to the Kingdom of Bahrain and onward connections to more than 40 cities in the Middle East, Africa, the Far East and Australia, James Hogan, president and chief executive of Gulf Air said. reland is one of the major employees of nurses and other workers from the Philippines. Flights will operate on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday with timings designed for excellent onward connections to the Far East and Australia. Read More ....

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BCSR Publish Book on Conducting Research in Bahrain

A book on planning and writing research has been published by the Bahrain Centre for the Studies and Research (BCSR) in association with the Arab Nutrition Organisation. The book is written by the BCSR Assistant Secretary for Scientific Research, Dr Abdulrahman Musaiger.

(Dr. Adulrahman Obaid Musaiger)

It is one of its kind in the Arab world, highlighting the most important steps for conducting nutritional research. The book also highlights planning aspects and how to write the most important contents of the research. Dr Musaiger said that many Arab food and nutrition researchers lacked skills to plan and write their studies and that affected the efficiency and accuracy of their work. Read More ....

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Linklaters instructed by lenders to Saudi banks

Linklaters has advised several bank consortia on landmark loan facilities worth $1.98bn (£1.1bn) for Saudi financial institutions.Banking partner Stephen Lucas led a team from the trade and developing markets group on the four transactions, which are the first of their kind in Saudi Arabia.The firm acted for the lenders in each of the deals.

The banks involved included Calyon, Citibank, JPMorgan and Deutsche Bank, with the borrowers all Saudi banks. The agreements were drafted to comply with Saudi banking law and Sharia law played a small role. All the deals were completed within the last eight months, beginning with the loan facility for Samba. It is expected that the Saudi market will now see an upturn in similar arrangements. Read More ....

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Batelco Signs GPRS and MMS Roaming

Batelco has signed a bilateral commercial GPRS and MMS roaming agreement with Etihad & Etisalat, giving customers — who are traveling to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia — the ability to stay in touch with family, friends and colleagues via a host of extra mobile services including pictures messaging, video clips, e-mail and access to the Internet.

By virtue of this agreement, which takes effect today, Batelco’s Freetime and Valuetime (postpaid) mobile customers — who have MMS enabled handsets with MMS/GPRS settings — will be able to use the full service while traveling to Saudi Arabia. Similarly, visitors from Saudi Arabia will also be able to make use of MMS and GPRS links to stay in touch with their families, friends and business colleagues while visiting Bahrain.

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A Syrian American Reveals the Naked Truth about the Power of Protest Today

The naked woman in the Washington Square Park fountain turned at least a few heads Tuesday. “Stop the War” was painted in red across her backside, down her legs and over her breasts. She had also scrawled something in Arabic that this reporter could not decipher.

( Faisal spent an hour at the precinct and was given a court
summons for exposure, a violation akin to a traffic ticket)

Curious tourists craned their necks to get a better look. A few people lounging on the fountain steps applauded lamely. The nude woman, a 47-year-old Syrian artist named Hala Faisal, pumped her fist toward her supporters. She circled the inside of the fountain several times until a police officer approached and asked her to put her clothes back on, which she did without ceremony. She was then led away to a waiting police car and hurried off to the Sixth Precinct.

The public disrobing — Faisal’s first foray into civil disobedience since she became a U.S. citizen three months ago — was intended to protest the U.S. war in Iraq and the Israeli occupation of Palestine. The event lasted less than 10 minutes and attracted the attention of those happening by the park on this hazy Tuesday at noon. Faisal’s one-woman protest begs the question: can a single individual have any influence whatsoever on global politics? Read More ....

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EOHR Review of Free Expression Situation in Bahrain

(EOHR/IFEX) - The following is a 17 August 2005 EOHR capsule report:

During the past year, Bahrain has witnessed a notable escalation in the public demand for political and social reform. Public protests, rallies, publications and internet-based forums (blogs) have been the clearest manifestation of this movement. Government tolerance of criticism has worn increasingly thin, with violent incidents on the rise. The past year put this to the test several times, with journalists, bloggers, NGOs and opposition groups often falling prey to tighter government restrictions, and more worrying still, increasingly aggressive measures, including the use of force against protesters.

This follows the passing of Press Law 47 [2002], which provided the framework for the arrest of dozens of journalists and editors-in-chief, which triggered a culture of self-censorship amongst Bahraini newspapers and magazines. In interviews with EOHR, journalists also expressed anger at what they called "direct orders" they and their editors-in-chief allegedly receive from the Ministry of Information in the form of written letters and phone calls guiding them on what to publish and what to censor. Read More ....

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Monday, August 22, 2005

Reebok tells Bolton Skipper to forget about Gulf Deal, Qatar Approach Under Review

The manafer of Bolton Wanderers, Sam Allardyce has told Jay-Jay Okocha to forget about securing a bumper pay-day in Qatar. The Nigerian Bolton skipper, 32, was offered £3million to play for Middle East outfit Al-Rayyan. But Okocha has two years left to run on his present Reebok deal.

(Bolt from the blue ... Okocha is off to Qatar)

And boss Allardyce said: “The sort of money on offer in Qatar is impossible to turn down for any human being.

“Greed has nothing to do with it. If somebody is offered those amounts, you have to be interested. But Qatar clubs take big players like Jay-Jay when they come to the end of their contracts. That’s why they pay them big money. But Jay- Jay is contracted to us and, unless there is a hefty transfer fee involved, we wouldn’t consider it.”

(Allardyce shocked by Jay-Jay's U-turn Deal with Qatar)

Meanwhile, the chairman of Bolton Wanderers, Phil Gartside told his club's official website: "Jay Jay is a vital asset to our football club and we have not received any offers for him whatsoever. He's the captain and one of our most important players. He's under contract to this football club and there's no way we would want him to leave, especially with the season only just commencing. Also, we will be investigating the possibility of an illegal approach."

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Qatar Welcomes Ousted Mauritanian Leader

Mauritania's ousted leader Maaouiya Ould Taya was due late Sunday to leave Gambia, where he has been for nearly two weeks, and head to Qatar which has granted him refuge, official sources there said. A plane taking Ould Taya to Doha in Qatar was due to take off from Banjul at 1700 GMT, the source said on condition of anonymity. The ousted leader, toppled in a bloodless coup on August 3, is due to be accompanied by his family and private secretary, the source added giving no further details.

(The coup against President Taya was greeted with street parties)

Ould Taya arrived in Gambia on August 9, having first gone to Niger after the coup took place while he was attending the funeral of King Fahd of Saudia Arabia. The Mauritanian junta which seized power has formed a civilian government and promised a new constitution and elections within two years. The coup has been widely welcomed at home and accepted internationally despite formal condemnations by the African Union.

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Texas Land Commissioner Runs Up $350 Bar Bill in Bahrain

Maybe it was the gung-ho ex-Marine in him. Maybe it was an effort to get an edge in next year's re-election race. Maybe it was simple curiosity. In any event, Texas Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson spent several days in Iraq this month, touring military installations, visiting troops from his home state and handing out brochures about low-interest loans for veterans' land and housing purchases, which his office administers.

(Jeff Patterson strives to gain support from American troops stationed int he Middle East)

The land commissioner's political campaign paid for his round-trip, commercial air fare to Kuwait. From there, he and his small group, which included the national commander of the Veterans of Foreign Wars, were guests of the U.S. military. He ate in mess halls and, traveling by military helicopter, visited Baghdad, Fallujah, Kirkuk, Tikrit and Taji. His sleeping quarters in Baghdad, or so he was told, were once part of Saddam Hussein's brothel. And on the way home, he said, he ran up a $350 bar bill in Bahrain, treating American troops. Read More ....

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Sunday, August 21, 2005

Kuwait Bans Family Visas to Pakistanis

Kuwait has imposed a ban on issuing family visit visas to seven countries including Pakistan. The Kuwaiti Interior Ministry has issued a notification to the Immigration Department stating not to issue family visas to Pakistan, Afghanistan, Libya, Iran, Lebanon, Iraq and Syria. It has also been notified to the Immigration Department to search for families who visited Kuwait on visit visas, but had not left the state after their visas expired. Kuwaiti security agencies have been asked to take stern action against such people.

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In Qatar, Robot Camel Jockeys Replace Young Boys

Pressure from human rights groups has led to a ban on the use of young children as camel jockeys in the Middle East. But government officials in Qatar tried something different. In early 2004, they hired a Swiss robotics corporation called K-Team to build mechanical jockeys. Trial races involving 10 robotic riders were held this July and they will be used in regular races when the camel racing season begins in October this year. Project leader Alexandre Colot says creating the robots was quite a challenge.

"It's completely a new development we have done for this project," Mr. Colot says. "There is very hot temperature, a lot of humidity, sand, and very high shocks and acceleration, because we are on top of a camel which is quite a very fast animal, running around 45 kilometers per hour. So we have completely developed something with a human shape, except for the suspension, which is used from a mountain bike."

Human riders have no suspension at all. They often fall from their precarious perches, and many break bones. But injuries are only a part of the suffering these children endure. Boys as young as two are kidnapped from neighboring countries to become jockeys. Pakistani human rights activist Ansar Burney says they are treated as slaves. Read More ....

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Australian on hunger strike in Kuwait

An Australian man facing terrorist charges in Kuwait has begun a hunger strike after complaining of being tortured by police, his lawyer says. Lawyer Stephen Kenny said Tallaal Audrey, 30, of Sydney, has been in prison since February this year. He is accused of being involved in a terrorist plot in Kuwait City with a group known as the Peninsula Lions Organisation.

(Aerial-view of Kuwait City)

Audrey has been charged with handling weapons and ammunition associated with the group. Mr Kenny said Audrey denied these charges. Mr Kenny said that along with others arrested at the same time, Audrey had complained of being tortured by Kuwaiti police and a judge had since ordered an examination by independent medical experts to assess the allegations. Read More ....

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Bahrain's Private Varsities Flayed Over Rampant Corruption

Private universities have been savaged over their corrupt practices by two senior academics who called for the prompt activation of an administrative entity to oversee higher education in Bahrain.

"There is a crucial need to monitor the private universities and colleges operating in the country. Irregularities and professional misconduct are hurting the sector and contributing to unemployment with the graduation of under-qualified students," the president of the University College of Bahrain, Shaikh Khalid Bin Mohammad Al Khalifa, said last week in a statement to the press.

His remarks came on the heels of attacks by the president of Al Ahlia University, Dr Abdullah Al Hawaj, who on Thursday blasted some of the universities for their malpractices and misconduct.

Neither of the two presidents named the offending universities, but said that irregularities included accepting bribes from students, teaching 12 courses in one semester while the ceiling is seven, offering 24 BA courses without having the qualified teaching staff, claims of affiliations with foreign universities, teaching a light curriculum for less capable students and reducing the semester from 15 to nine. Read More ....

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