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Saturday, August 20, 2005

Spotted last July, Gulf Daily News Journalist in a F-14?

Yes we know this is old news, in fact it was us who posted the photo of Eunice del Rosario, the Gulf Daily News (GDN) Journalist interviewing Capt. Ted N. Branch, Commanding Officer of USS Nimitz of the US 5th Fleet (Navy) headquartered in Bahrain, on July 27th. We just got the refined results of today morning's blog crawl for the newest/latest blogs that reside within the Bahraini Blogosphere, and stumbled upon the following photo (thanks to The OBM News Network) of Eunice posing with a pilot in what is supposedly thought to be a F-14.

We would really appreciate if someone could confirm for us if the aircraft is really a F-14, and while we're on the topic of the 5th fleet, we'd like to welcome The OBM News Network to the Bahraini Blogosphere. Quite lately we've been noticing that the number of blogs being started up by US Navy personnel in Bahrain are on the rise. The News Blog re-Blog team will be posting a list of blogs from/about Bahrain in the next few days. Currently according to the statistics from our blog crawls, there have been more than 7 new blogs (based in Bahrain) launching per week.

How exactly do we locate new blogs based in Bahrain or track new bloggers from Bahrain? Now that is something we're sure will make another interesting blog posting on here and we hope to receive your feedback and suggestions. But until then....

Keep it Blogged!
the News Blog re-Blog team

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Saudi Arabia moves to halt global polio spread

Saudi Arabia, which gets millions of visitors each year making their pilgrimage to Mecca, has ordered all young visitors from countries with polio cases to bring proof of vaccination and will vaccinate them again when they arrive, the World Health Organization announced yesterday. In issuing the order, which applies to everyone under age 15 from 19 countries, the kingdom is moving to stem the global spread of the polio virus, which now affects mainly Muslim countries and regions.

Although the next pilgrimage, or hajj, will not reach its peak until early January, the order will take effect as soon as possible. The Saudi order applies to visitors from Afghanistan, Angola, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, the Central African Republic, Chad, Egypt, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Guinea, India, Indonesia, Ivory Coast, Mali, Niger, Nigeria, Pakistan, Sudan and Yemen. Read More ....

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Man from Qatar claims abuse in U.S. brig

A man being held as an enemy combatant is suing the US federal government, claiming personnel at a military prison in Charleston have mistreated him by withholding medical care, keeping him from practicing Islam and preventing him from seeing almost anyone but his guards and lawyers. Ali Saleh Kahlab al-Marri, 39, who has lived in Peoria, Ill., but is originally from the Persian Gulf nation of Qatar, has been in the Charleston Naval Brig since shortly after being declared an enemy combatant in June 2003. No charges have been filed and al-Marri says he is innocent.

(Naval Consolidated Brig in Charleston)

"He is only seeking improved conditions and to be treated humanely," said one of his attorneys, Jonathan Hafetz.

In the lawsuit filed last Monday against Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld and brig commander C.T. Hanft, al-Marri claims he has been mistreated in dozens of ways, ranging from being denied toilet paper to having interrogators threaten to send him to Egypt or Saudi Arabia for torture and having his wife raped. Al-Marri said he has been kept in solitary confinement. He also said the government unfairly censors letters to him, including blacking out almost an entire letter from a nephew in third grade, according to the suit. Read More ....

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Saudi man posts bond in virtual-slave case

A Saudi Arabian man accused of raping his housekeeper and holding her as a virtual slave in his Aurora home was released from jail Friday. Homaidan Al-Turki posted a total of $850,000 bond to federal, state and immigration courts in order to be released. Al-Turki and his wife, Sarah Khonaizan, are accused of enslaving an Indonesian woman in their home for four years, forcing her to cook and clean for almost no pay. Al-Turki also is accused of sexually assaulting the woman. Dan Recht, Al-Turki's attorney, said a little more than half the bond posted came from Al-Turki's extended family, and $400,000 was provided by the Saudi government.

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TBWA to handle Al Jazeera's Marketing Campaign

Al Jazeera International, the English-langauge verision of the controversial Arabic news station, has appointed TBWA\RAAD to handle its global launch marketing campaign. With offices throughout the Middle East TBWA\RAAD, part of TBWA\Worldwide, will create a worldwide ad campaign for the channel, which launches globally in January 2006. The agency will handle all advertising and marketing activity for Al Jazeera International, which will operate out of four broadcast centres in London, Washington, Doha and Kuala Lumpur.

(Al Jazeera: global marketing campaign through TBWA)

The appointment of an advertising agency follows reports that the station was looking to hire broadcasting veteran Sir David Frost to join its English-language channel. Frost was replaced by Andrew Marr at the BBC earlier this year. Al Jazeera International will be the first English-language news channel based in the Middle East. Operating from Doha in Qatar, it will be available globally and aims to take on the BBC and CNN. Read More ....

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German Ex-Junior Minister Jailed Over Saudi Arms Deal

Former German Junior Defense Minister Ludwig-Holger Pfahls was jailed on Aug. 12 for two years and three months on bribery and tax evasion charges stemming from an arms deal with Saudi Arabia. Pfahls, 62, who served as state secretary for defense from 1987 to 1992 under then Chancellor Helmut Kohl, admitted during his trial to receiving about 2 million euros ($2.5 million) in bribes from Canadian-German dealer Karlheinz Schreiber for arms sales and failing to declare the income.

In testimony before the court in this southern German city, Kohl helped clear Pfahls on a separate corruption charge by saying that Pfahls had had no influence over the controversial deal to export 36 armored vehicles to Saudi Arabia during the 1991 Gulf War. The former German leader said he had given the go-ahead for the sale alone, after making a secret personal pledge in late 1990 to then U.S. Secretary of State James Baker, who had asked Germany to help the Saudis. Read More ....

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Friday, August 19, 2005

Saudi Arabian University's rules at Virginia Polytechnic Institute

To accommodate classes from Saudi Arabia’s King Abdulaziz University at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University this summer, the state-supported school in Blacksburg has made an ignominious return to the days of separate but equal. The Saudi school paid Tech some $246,000 to design and run a six-week faculty development program in English instruction and computer skills in Virginia. But in keeping with King Abdulaziz University’s preference, the 30 men and 30 women are being taught in gender-segregated classrooms.

(Burruss Hall at VTech)

How did this happen in a school that proudly touts its non-discrimination policies? Virginia Tech’s provost, Mark McNamee, says it wasn’t Tech’s decision. Saudi administrators in charge of the program opened two sections of the same course and assigned faculty members to each one based on gender. Defenders of the summer segregation at Tech say the school should accommodate cultural differences of the country paying for the program, and that if Tech didn’t make allowances for Saudi gender discrimination, other universities would have. Read More ....

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Canadian Teacher Describes his Learning Experiences in Bahrain

Dozens of district high school graduates will head off for their first taste of university or college life at the end of the month. And one thing’s for sure—with an education, the world will be their oyster. Former Fort Frances resident Chris Neurinski can attest to that. A teaching degree, coupled with a strong desire for lifelong learning, eventually took him from Lakehead University in Thunder Bay to Kuwait in the Middle East. Tim Woods of Fort Frances was drawn to a teaching job in the Middle East in 2003, but for different reasons than Neurinski.

Woods, who holds a teaching degree, now teaches in London, England and is studying for his Masters in Business Administration. He, too, was here for the summer holidays and has since returned to England.

“I definitely wasn’t always sure I wanted to be a teacher and actually I didn’t teach at first,” the 27-year-old admitted last week.

After French Immersion studies in Quebec and a stint of work with the provincial government in British Columbia, Woods found a teaching job at a high school in Bahrain, located in the Persian Gulf off the coast of Saudi Arabia. His motive? To learn more about the “whys” of war.

“I went [to the Middle East] because of the war—about four months after the war started,” he explained.

“I was really intrigued because it seems like there were so many questions,” Woods added. “It was really, really complicated to unpack from a distance what people were thinking in Iraq, what the fear was of the West. There was a lot I didn’t understand [and] honestly that’s why I went.”

But after six months of Middle Eastern living, teaching economics, and trying to get over the language barrier, Woods put the experience in his back pocket and moved on.

“I learned some of the [Arabic] language and just tried to have good conversations with Muslims. [Teaching] is a good way to get into a community,” he reasoned. “But there’s a [conversation] barrier that goes up and there are a lot of things they won’t talk about,” he noted. “I even went to a leader of a mosque, but we had a different conversation in English than you would have in Arabic. The more Arabic I learned, the more I realized where [Muslims] were coming from,” Woods remarked. “They put up a barrier around certain topics—controversial topics around Islam and why the West is a threat. They won’t have these conversations. There is a lot you can’t learn about people unless you talk to them in their own language,” he stressed.

On the other hand, Woods met his Australian-born girlfriend, Bettina Rennie, in Bahrain. She also is a teacher and the two have been inseparable since. After leaving Bahrain, they travelled throughout Africa, including Egypt, Kenya, Uganda, and Rwanda. Woods found the experience changed his life and altered the goals he’d set for himself in the working world. Read More ....

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Intelligence Brief: Saudi Arabia's Ambassador to the US

At the end of July, Saudi Arabia's ambassador to the United States, Prince Bandar bin Sultan, handed in his resignation. During the 22 years in which he held this position, he managed to exert undisputable influence over successive U.S. administrations. However, his replacement appears equally capable: the next Saudi ambassador to Washington will be Prince Turki al-Faisal. Read More ....

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Al Qaeda group claims Jordan & Israel rocket attacks

An Al Qaeda linked group claimed on August 19 rocket attacks near US warships moored in the Red Sea port of Aqaba and into a neighbouring Israeli resort killing a Jordanian soldier. The group, the Al Qaeda Organization in the Levant and Egypt, said in a statement posted on an Islamic website that its guerrillas fired "three Katyusha rockets" on the Aqaba and Eilat ports.

(The USS Ashland, an amphibious warfare ship, is seen at Jordan's Aqaba port on August 19. Three rockets were fired at two US Navy ships in Aqaba port on Friday, but they missed their targets and hit a warehouse and a hospital, killing a Jordanian soldier, and striking the Israeli port of Eilat)

The US military said there had been no American casualties. A total of three Katyusha rockets were fired from a warehouse in Aqaba, landing in the port, a site close to a military hospital and next to the airport in the nearby Israeli resort of Eilat, Jordan said. A statement from the US Fifth Fleet in Bahrain said the rocket flew over the USS Ashland and USS Kearsarge which were moored in the port and exploded in a warehouse on the nearby pier. Read More ....

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Saudi businessman tackles task of polishing Islam's image

Polishing the image of Islam in general and Islamic banking in particular has become the obsession of Saudi businessman Sheikh Saleh Abdullah Kamel. The September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks in the United States and the unabated acts of terrorism in many capitals of the world have all smeared the image of Islam - especially among Western countries.

"Regrettably, many Western and even Arab media have done further damage to Islam by labeling groups that perpetrated terrorist acts as Muslim fundamentalists or Muslim extremists while in reality these groups are nothing more than khawarej (deviants)," Sheikh Kamel explained.

(Speaking from his lush apartment in Ain al-Mreisseh in Beirut, Sheikh Kamel passionately talks about the importance of Islamic banks in helping to develop human societies.)

He added that those who committed these "heinous" crimes against innocent people in the West and the Middle East have nothing to do with Islamic teaching because this religion calls for tolerance and respect of all human beings. After attacks around the world, Islamic groups that sought shelter in the West because of their political views have come under tight scrutiny from governments and security agencies. To make matters worse, some Islamic banks and financial institutions were prosecuted by the United States and Europe on the grounds that they have been funding terrorist activities. Read More ....

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The Inclusion of Bahrain: Curt Hopkins Reply to the Readers & Commenters of News Blog re-Blog

On Tuesday, August 16th, we saw many comments to one of our blog postings titled 'Bahrain Ranked Third - Top Five Most Dangerous Places to Blog' which disagreed that Bahrain was in fact a dangerous place to blog in. The comments left on that blog posting argued that the Spirit Of America and their Director (who had published the list of 'Top 5 Dangerous Places to Blog' and included Bahrain in 3rd place), Curt Hopkins were ignorant of the actual blogging scene in Bahrain and stressed that Bahrain did not need to be included on the Top 5 list. The Director of Spirit of America & the Committee to Protect Bloggers has now posted his reply on their blogs and we have reblogged his reply below:

The inclusion of Bahrain on the list has occasioned some discussion on this site and others. Most of the criticism takes the form of implying the director is an Arab-hating secret agent in Jewish pay. That's typical, unfortunately, and we'll say no more about it.

There have been a couple of people, however, whose comments were more reasonable and deserve responses. The main thrust of their objection is that other countries are more repressive and that no blogger in Bahrain has been arrested just for being a blogger.

Here is our response and explanation for the current inclusion of Bahrain on this list.

First, this list has been created for a practical reason. That reason is to answer the question, "Which countries could benefit from a comprehensive set of safer/anonymous blogging instructions?" The reason we did not include Iraq, for instance, is that it has no stable central government (yet) with a firm grip on that country's internet. The reason we did not include Israel is that, although it questioned, but did not arrest, two people for electronic activity, it has a largely unfiltered internet. The reason we did not include Cuba or North Korea is that they have no blogosphere to speak of. Etc.

The reason we did include Bahrain it that it has one of the most energetic internet filtering regimes in the world. (http://www.opennetinitiative.net/studies/bahrain/)

Additionally, to blog, and to do other electronic communication in Bahrain, is not without risk. The blogger Ali Abdulemam and two other administrators of the bulletin board BahrainOnline were arrested and detained for allowing free speech on the company's boards. Was his arrest based on his blog? Strictly speaking, it was not. Nevertheless, it was based on an 'incitement,' that consisted only of having allowed someone else to post electronically, an analogous undertaking.

Also, at least four prominent blogs in Bahrain have been blocked or shut down by governmental authorities for the content that appeared there.

These are the reasons that Bahrain was chosen and other countries were not. A reminder: This is not an exhaustive list! This is a beginning, which we've made in order to produce materials that will benefit the blogosphere in general.

Many Bahrainis, including both bloggers and governmental officials, understand the director's personal affection for the country and its blogosphere. They also understand that affection will not cloud our collective judgment on the issues at hand.

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EXCLUSIVE: Westlife is in Bahrain & Mark Admits he's Gay

It's now 5.30am and Westlife are watching the sun come up from the terrace of Westlife's £1,000-a-night Ritz Carlton beach villa in Bahrain. It's the penultimate night of the band's 56-date world tour and, having spent five hours necking champagne and ice.

Westlife star Mark Feehily opened his heart yesterday to reveal that he is gay. The 25-year-old pin-up said: "I want people to know the truth. I am gay and I'm very proud of who I am.

"I'm not asking for sympathy, or to be a role model for someone else.

"I simply felt it was the right time to tell the truth."

Mark, who is in a relationship with singer Kevin McDaid, 21, said: "In the past I haven't felt the need to say anything about my sexuality. "But I want people to know I'm very comfortable with who I am."

(Mark, second from left)

Mark and Kevin, who was in boy band V, met a few months ago.

Mark said: I'm not worried about how people react because I'm happy being who I am. "I'm still the same person the day I was before. I'm sure Westlife fans will be pleased I'm happy. I don't think it changes anything. All the lads in Westlife have settled down and are in relationships, so why can't I be?"

Loyal bandmates Kian Egan, 25, Shane Filan, 26, and Nicky Byrne, 26, all knew Mark was gay but have never spoken about it in public.

Shane is a bit worse for wear. In a few weeks, his wife Gillian will give birth and the 26-year-old is finding it hard to concentrate on anything but the impending arrival. The couple are expecting a girl and they've already named her Nicole. Nursing a grainy mobile phone picture of the scan, Shane coos: "Isn't she just beautiful? I just can't wait to be a daddy. Read More ....

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Standard & Poor' Rates Bahrain Nat'l. 'BBB+'

Standard & Poor's Ratings Services announced that it has assigned its "BBB+" long-term counterparty credit and insurer financial strength ratings to Bahrain-based insurer Bahrain National Insurance Co. BSC (BNI) with a stable outlook.

"The ratings reflect BNI's strong capitalization and strong operating performance, supported by a well-diversified investment portfolio," stated S&P credit analyst Jelena Bjelanovic. "These factors are partially offset by the company's competitive position, which is concentrated on the small Bahraini market."

S&P said: "The stable outlook reflects Standard & Poor's expectation that BNI will maintain its capitalization at a strong level. BNI is also expected to maintain strong operating performance, albeit not at the current level. Standard & Poor's expects BNI to maintain its market position without materially compromising on profitability, and undertaking new initiatives without significantly increasing the risk profile of the company."

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Three Rockets Fired at 2 U.S. 5th Fleet Navy Ships at Port in Jordan

Three Katyusha missiles were fired early today at two American naval ships docked in southern Jordan (Some Israeli and Jordanian , killing a Jordanian soldier and marking the first attack on American military ships in the region in five years, American and Jordanian officials said. A rocket was fired at the same time from apparently the same area at an airport in a neighboring Israeli port, hitting a stretch of road and wounding a taxi driver, news agencies reported, citing Israeli officials and witnesses. A third projectile was fired at a Jordanian hospital around the southern port of Aqaba but did no damage.

(A Kearsarge Strike Group Ship)

No one claimed immediate responsibility for the simultaneous attacks, which displayed audacity in their use of military-style weapons and techniques. The American ships are part of the US Fifth Fleet, based in Bahrain, and were in Aqaba as part of routine military exercises with Jordanian forces. The attack today on the American vessels, the Ashland and the Kearsarge, took place around 8:44 a.m. and missed two naval ships at dock in Aqaba, said Capt. Ryan Fitzgerald of the United States Air Force, a spokesman for the American military command in the Middle East. Read More ....

Source: The New York Times & Guardian Unlimited
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Boeing Delivers First AH-64D Apache Longbow for Kuwait

The Apache Longbow, delivered in July from The Boeing Mesa, Ariz., facility, is the first of a 16 Apache foreign military sales order with the U.S. Department of Defense for the Kuwaiti government. The aircraft will remain in the United States until next year to undergo a series of qualification tests.

“From the initiation of the foreign military sale, through production of the first Apache, the program has benefited from the close working relationships between the U.S. Army, Kuwaiti government representatives, Boeing and the other Apache industry teammates,” said Bob Burns, the Boeing program manager for the Kuwait Apache program.

Maintenance personnel from Kuwait are currently in the U.S. for training, and will be followed by Kuwaiti pilots later this year. No firm in-country delivery schedule or contract details have been announced. Kuwait 's ministry of defense initially signed a letter of offer and acceptance with the DoD in 2002, making Kuwait the seventh international defense force to select the AH-64D and the 11th Apache customer worldwide. Read More ....

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Thursday, August 18, 2005

Is Dubai's Gulf News Coming to Bahrain?

Rumour has it that Dubai’s Gulf News (not to be confused with Bahrain’s Gulf Daily News) will be taking over Bahrain Tribune, the country's distant second English daily which has always suffered from negligible readership, dearth of content, and financial losses.

The move, if true, is bound to shake the locally dominant Gulf Daily News, which never faced any real challenge so far. Gulf News ( again not to be confused with GDN) is considered one of the better English newspapers in the Gulf. Read More ....

If this take over of Bahrain Tribune by Gulf News is actually true, does it have anything to do with this issue that sparked a strain in diplomatic ties last month? Also we take this opportunity to welcome Manama-Republic, a new blog that started up this August, to Bahrain's Blogosphere.

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Philippine Maids in Dubai Seek Shelter from Abuse

The Arab family that hired Lisa forced her to work impossible hours, she said. Foot massages were ordered at 2 a.m., then breakfast had to be made four hours later. And for half a year, the family paid the Filipina maid nothing.

"I couldn't take it anymore," said the 26-year-old, a tidy woman in flip-flops who sought refuge last week in the Philippine Consulate. "I ran away."

Lisa, who asked that her last name not be used, is one of more than 60 Filipina housemaids living in a makeshift shelter at the consulate, taking refuge from beatings, sexual harassment and unpaid wages. Filipina women have been flooding into this fast-growing city to work as maids for as little as $160 a month. But the influx has led to a doubling of those seeking shelter in recent weeks, with as many as five runaways a day fleeing to the consulate, labor attache Vicente Cabe said Wednesday. Lisa, like the others here, seeks counseling, help in getting back pay and a plane ticket home. It could have been worse. Some runaway maids show up with bruises or allege sexual assault. When they do, consular officials call police. Read More ....

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Bahrain Makes History at Moscow International Aerospace Show MAKS 2005

For the first time in the history of this international aerospace show, the flags of Finland, Bahrain, Belgium, Georgia, the Netherlands, and Slovakia have been hoisted on the flagpoles of the Gromov Institute airdrome, the venue of the show. Read More ....

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Five offloaded in Islamabad from Bahrain and Jeddah Bound Flights

Five persons were offloaded from Bahrain and Jeddah bound flights on charges of carrying fake or incomplete travel documents on Wednesday. According to Islamabad Airport immigration officials, three people-Zahid Akhter, Sajid Mahmood and Tauqeer Ahmed-were detained when immigration officials found their travel documents incomplete. Two other passengers, Umer Shahzad and Schhan Khattak, were barred from boarding a Jeddah bound flight on charges of fake travel documents. Shahzad, a Gujranwala resident, was carrying a fake passport and Khattak was carrying a fake Saudi visa. Habib Ahmed, a resident of Islamabad, was also detained by airport authorities on charges of carrying bogus travel documents. The accused were shifted to the Federal Investigation Agency’s (FIA) passport cell for further investigation.

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Iran and Bahrain Connect ATM Systems

The Iranian ATM system has been connected to that of Bahrain, enabling the customers of Bahraini banks to use the ATM machines in Iran and vice versa. Iran’s Shetab system, a banking system connecting all Iranian banks for use of ATM cards, was connected to the ATM banking system of Bahrain on Wednesday, providing the customers of Iranian and Bahraini banks with the opportunity to use both countries’ ATM machines.

With the new opportunity, customers with Rial (Iranian currency) accounts in Iranian banks can each day take up to 300$ cash from Bahraini banks ATM machines, yet the amount can not surpass an annual sum of 3000$. Holders of foreign currency accounts have no upper limit on their cash withdrawals. The banking transaction however charges the other country’s customers with a commission fee. Read More ....

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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Qatar offers asylum to Mauritania ex-leader

Qatar has offered asylum to Mauritania's ousted president Maaouya Ould Sid Ahmed Taya almost two weeks after he was overthrown in a bloodless coup, a Gambian official said on Tuesday.

"Qatar has invited Taya to seek asylum there,", said a senior Gambian official in the capital Banjul, where Taya is currently in temporary refuge.

A Mauritanian diplomatic source also said Qatar had made an offer. Officials in Qatar were not immediately available to comment. A 17-member military council led by some of Taya�s closest aides seized power in the Islamic Republic on Aug. 3 while the president was out of the country, promising democratic elections within two years.

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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Bahrain Ranked Third - Top Five Most Dangerous Places to Blog

Spirit of America has established their list of Top Five most dangerous countries to blog for their information campaign, and Bahrain is listed as one of the countries within the region of Peninsular Arabia alongside Saudi Arabia and Syria. The order of the countries included in The Top Five targets by the Spirit of America are Iran (Level 1), China (Level 2), Peninsular Arabia - Saudi Arabia, Syria & Bahrain (Level 3), Malaysia (Level 4) and Zimbabwe (Level 5).

The CPB (Committee to Protect Bloggers), reports that the Spirit of America are seeking to put together a group of bloggers from the countries in question to help advise on what kind of information is needed and how best to communicate it. If you or someone you know qualifies, then please drop (Curt Hopkins - CPB/Spirit of America) them a note.

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Bahraini Ambassador to Iran Confers with Majlis Speaker

Bahraini Ambassador to Iran Kamel Saleh al-Saleh on Monday held talks with Majlis Speaker Gholam Ali Haddad-Adel on ways to develop relations between the two countries. Haddad-Adel said that Tehran and Manama enjoy longstanding cultural relations which would have effective part in boosting cooperation.

"Fortunately, certain elements which could have led Tehran-Manama to strained relations in the past, was led to positive trend in line with mutual interest thanks to wisdom of Iranian and Bahraini leaders," Haddad-Adel said.

"Iran and Bahrain can set a model for other neighboring countries in the Persian Gulf for developing cooperation," the speaker said.

The Majlis speaker said that Bahrain can be a good partner for Iran in the field of economy, politics and culture and can have good share in Iranian trade with other countries. He said that rapid growth in bilateral relations is owing to exchange of visits being made by officials of the two countries and agreements reached by Tehran-Manama Joint Economic Commission.
Read More ....

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Bahrain Team at the IAAF World Championships, Protests Against Russian Runner

Despite a significant setback regarding the disqualification of one of their runners, Russian women dominated in the 1500 meters final at the IAAF World Championships yesterday. Tatiana Tomashova, Yulia Chizhenko and Olga Yegorova broke away at 200 meters to the finish and began competing between themselves. But after the finish, the Bahrain team entered a protest that Yulia Chizhenko obstructed Maryam Yusuf Jamal. After examining the video of the race, the Jury of Appeal accepted the protest, judging that the Russian athlete jostled the Bahrain athlete in a manner that significantly impeded her progress and should be disqualified under Rule 163.2.

(The Russian Squad pose after the women's 4x400M relay in
Helsinki where they won the gold medal)

The controversial incident came with 300 metres to go when favourite Maryam Yusuf Jamal of Bahrain was at the head of a pack of four Russians hemming her in. With Jamal running slightly on the outside of the inside lane there was just enough room for Russian champion Chizhenko to force her way through. Raising an arm to squeeze past she gave Jamal a nudge that sent her sideways into Tomashova who put her arm up in defence sending the Bahraini back into Chizhenko.

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Gulf Air and Saudi Arabian Airlines strengthen and extend code share service

Gulf Air and Saudi Arabian Airlines have signed an agreement to strengthen and extend their current code share operational services. The new agreement will include all flights operated by the two carriers between Bahrain, Abu Dhabi and Muscat International Airports, as well as the two terminals of King Abdul Aziz International Airport in Jeddah, the southern terminal used by Saudi Arabian Airlines and the northern terminal used by Gulf Air, with effect from August 1, 2005.

The two Gulf carriers are discussing the addition of more international destinations on their networks and the use of their Frequent flyer programme to provide more privileges for their customers, such as free flights, extra baggage allowance , access to VIP lounges, fast check-ins and other services. Read More ....

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Ernst & Young - Bahrain to support banking and finance event

Ernst & Young (E&Y), Bahrain will play a key role in the upcoming conference, 'The Impact of Basel II on Financial Organizations: Optimizing the Mix', to be held on September 25, 2005 at Gulf International Exhibition and Convention Center, Bahrain. Mr. Khalid Hamad, an Executive Manager, heading the Regulatory, Compliance, Risk Management and Basel II group at E&Y, Bahrain, will be one of the members in the panel of speakers for the conference.

This dedicated group at E&Y, Bahrain has been instrumental in assisting a number of banks and financial institutions in Middle East to the implement Basel II recommendations and guidelines. The Basel II accord has some very revolutionary concepts and is expected to have significant implications for a large number of banks and financial institutions in the region. Read More ....

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Chief Petty Officer Selectees Go Back to the Basics in Bahrain

It was a unique sight on August 16th which saw three rows of Chief Petty Officer (CPO) selectees standing in formation and executing colors—a ritual that typically boasts three participants. At Naval Support Activity (NSA) Bahrain, however, the new CPO transition training includes educating newly minted chiefs on military history and tradition, and an integral part of this training focuses on the American flag. Quartermaster Senior Chief Karl Darr explained that NSA Bahrain has posted new selectees in front of the flagpole for the last two years. He said that learning Navy history and tradition is a significant step in their development not just as a new chief but also as a human being.

(Damage Controlman Chief (Select) Dennis Kypros secures the halyard during morning colors Aug. 16. Kypros is one of 48 First Class Petty Officers selected for advancement to Chief Petty Officer at Naval Support Activity, Bahrain and tenant commands)

“Someone taught me and I’m just passing it on,” he said. “It’s exposing them to a chunk of American history they may not [otherwise] be exposed to.”

Darr teaches the selectees flag rules and regulations researched from the Naval Telecommunications Procedures (NTP) manual. The manual documents the history of the national ensign and outlines the correct way to display and present the flag at various ceremonies and events. It even specifies what kind of flag can be used outdoors on your front porch.Darr said over the course of the next four weeks the selectees will learn everything about the flag and will execute colors twice a day several days a week. Read More [MS Word Document Format] ....

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