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Saturday, July 30, 2005

Bahrain's Investcorp Sells Office Complex in New York for $84 Million

Huntington, New York-AEW Capital Management LP has acquired (on July 26th) Three Huntington Quadrangle, a two-building, 401,581-sf class A office complex in Long Island for $84 million, a source close to the transaction told GlobeSt. The sellers were Investcorp (HQ in Bahrain), a global investment group whose real estate team is based in New York, and Broadway Real Estate Partners, who are also located in New York.

The Metropolitan Area Capital Markets Group of Cushman & Wakefield, led by Andrew Merin, represented Investcorp and Broadway. Broadway Partners initially acquired the office, which is situated on 22.2 acres, in 2003. It was part of a three-asset Long Island portfolio which totals approximately one million sf. In 2004, Investcorp purchased a 50% equity stake. This marks the first sale of some of these properties. Read More ....

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Bail set for Saudi man accused of raping & enslaving housemaid

A Saudi Arabian man accused of keeping a young Indonesian woman a virtual captive in his Aurora home for four years can be released from jail while the charges are pending against him if he posts $400,000 cash bail, a federal judge ruled last Thursday. Colorado U.S. District Judge Walker Miller overruled a magistrate who earlier declared Homaidan Al-Turki a flight risk and ordered him detained. For purposes of deciding bail, Miller said, "The evidence does not weigh heavily against the defendant, in my judgment."

(Homaidan Al-Turki had a number of supporters in court during his hearing)

More extensive evidence would be presented at trial, but for now, Miller said, the only evidence against Al-Turki is a law officer's report on the young woman's allegations. Al-Turki's two youngest daughters hopped up and down in the courtroom, and defense attorney John Richilano used his cell phone as soon as the judge left to call Al-Turki's brother in Saudi Arabia with the news of Miller's ruling.

(Al-Turki's wife is no longer in jail but is bound to her home with electronic monitoring)

The brother, who is a doctor, said the family will immediately begin trying to raise the money, Richilano said. The entire $400,000 must be deposited with the court to guarantee Al-Turki's appearance at future court proceedings. Defense attorney Dan Recht said the total cost of freedom while charges are pending for Al-Turki and his wife - who faces related charges - likely will be about $1 million. Read More ....

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Ex-US Ambassador to Bahrain is New US Ambassador to Afghanistan

Saying he has the "ability to work hand in hand" with the U.S. military in the country, the new U.S. ambassador to Afghanistan took his oath of office from Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice last week. Ronald Neumann, the ex-US Ambassador to Bahrain, whose father once served as ambassador to Afghanistan, said the struggle against violent extremists is not a clash of civilizations, but "a clash within Islam that seeks to remove our influence, so that it can impose by force a narrow view that would restrict human freedom and progress throughout the Islamic world."

Neumann follows Ambassador Zalmay Khalilzad, now ambassador to Iraq. "I will be building on much that has been achieved by many others, and I am sure that even with success, much will remain to be done when I eventually hand over to a successor," he said. "I am privileged and honored to take up the work Ambassador Khalilzad and so many others have carried so far." Read More ....

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Vatican Hits Back at Israel Over Suicide Bombers Row

The Pope will not be dictated to by Israel, the Vatican declared yesterday, as it hit back at officials of the Jewish state who criticised him for "failing" to condemn a Palestinian suicide bombing. A sharply worded Vatican statement said the Pope could not be expected to condemn every Palestinian bombing because Israel's retaliation for such attacks was ''not always compatible with the rules of international law''.

(Pope Benedict XVI delivering his Angelus blessing)

It would be "impossible'' to condemn a Palestinian attack while letting any Israeli military reaction ''pass in silence". The Pope condemned recent terrorist strikes in Britain, Egypt, Iraq and Turkey, but not the attack that killed five Israelis on July 12th. Nimrod Barkan, head of the Foreign Ministry's Jewish affairs bureau, replied by summoning the Vatican envoy, Archbishop Pietro Sambi, to his office on Monday last week. Read More ....

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US Terror Warning for Kuwait

Washington advised US citizens in Kuwait (at the start of the weekend) last Thursday (28th July) to "maintain a high level of vigilance" as it reiterated warnings of possible terrorist attacks in the Middle East country. In a public announcement, the US Department of State told Americans in Kuwait "to exercise caution, maintain a low profile, and avoid areas where westerners are known to congregate".

"Heightened security awareness should be exercised in all residential complexes, as terrorists have specifically targeted a variety of western housing facilities in the past," the warning said. The announcement continued to state that, "Terrorists do not distinguish between official and civilian targets. Terrorist actions may include bombings, hijackings, hostage taking, kidnappings and assassinations".

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3Com's Gigabit solution Now Powers University of Bahrain's Network

Founded in 1986 through the merger of the University College of Arts, Sciences and Education and the Gulf Technical College, the University of Bahrain (UoB) comprises two campuses located near Manama, and offers a variety of academic courses from chemical engineering to business and education.

Previously, the university had struggled to provide adequate access for its burgeoning student body and faculty. There had been complaints about the speed and reliability of the network as the volume of data expanded exponentially. It was clear the university needed to take steps to improve the network to provide better usability and scalability so that the infrastructure could meet the current demands of the users and cope with future developments, according to Dr. Yousif Al-Bastaki, head of IT at the university.

Using the 3Com Gigabit solution, comprising of a 7700 Switch, SuperStack 3 Switch 4924 and 48-Port SuperStack 3 Switch 4400, UoB now has the networking power it needs to drive all its administrative and e-learning applications without downtime or interruption. Backed by 3Com’s XRN (eXpandable Resilient Networking) technology, the solution offers the university reliable performance and scalability. Read More ....

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An ex-Journalist in Bahrain, Starts Blogging ...

Towards the latter of last month (June), an ex-journalist (a Bahraini reporter) took to blogging and joined the fray of current and former media personalities who are now enthusiastic bloggers within Bahrain's blogosphere. Blogging under a pseudonym - girl power, she has named her blog - 'Voice of a Bahraini Woman'.

Girl power welcomes her blog readers to the inside world of Bahrain which is also well known as the land of golden smiles and states that "Bahraini women are taking the country into a whole new dimension". The blog postings published on 'Voice of a Bahraini Woman', cover many topics of interest, right from the new trend of protests and rallies occurring in Bahrain and materialism to the human resources-employee issues and terrorism.

The team at News Blog re-Blog welcomes girl power to Bahrain's blogosphere and we kindly request our readers to please pay her blog a visit and voice your opinion as well. In girl power's own words, "Hear what it is like to live in a country driven by 'democracy' in the face of changes".

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Bahrain Offering Up To $150M for F-16 Logistics Support

The Defense Security Cooperation Agency has notified Congress that the Government of Bahrain wishes to contract for logistics support services and equipment for its F-16 aircraft, ALR-69 radar warning receiver, ALQ-131 electric countermeasure pods, radar systems, and engines. The estimated cost if all options are exercised is $150 million.

The possible sale also includes support equipment, aircraft engine services and modification, repair/return services; depot level repair support; precision measurement equipment laboratory calibration, spare and repair parts, support equipment, supply support; personnel training and training equipment, publications and technical data, contractor technical services and other related elements of logistics support and to ensure aircraft operational availability in the Royal Bahrain Air Force. Read More ....

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WIPO Members Seek Compromise On Development Agenda

Up against a deadline to agree on a final report last week, members of the UN World Intellectual Property Organisation debating how the organisation can better reflect developing country needs got underway. Bahrain had an opportunity to discuss its proposal, tabled at the second meeting, which differs from the Friends of Development by not calling for substantive reform but rather focusing on increased technical assistance. Bahrain’s proposal, co-sponsored by 10 other countries in the region, was said at the second meeting to diverge from the views of those countries’ leaders at the South Summit held in Qatar last month.

(WIPO HQ Building in Geneva)

Bahrain and several other countries on the 21st of this month told the closed WIPO meeting that they see no inconsistency between the leaders’ positions, the current development agenda at the World Trade Organization, and those in the proposal. Several stressed the need for more financial resources for technical assistance.

When asked about rumours that the proposal was drafted by the WIPO secretariat, a Bahraini official said in an interview that the government developed the proposal itself and only asked WIPO about some technical points. He said Bahrain’s view is that under the status quo, it does not have to sign on to every WIPO agreement that is negotiated, and a country can get more technical assistance to bring it to the level of acceding to WIPO agreements. Bahrain has negotiated a free trade agreement with the United States under which it agreed to stronger intellectual property rights protections. Read More ....

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Friday, July 29, 2005

'Free Software for Busy People' - New Book by a Bahraini MD

'Free Software for Busy People' is a new book from Mohammad Al-Ubaydli, a Bahraini MD who is on a mission to help information-civilians understand why they should use free/open source software. The book tells the story of six people from six walks of life (government administrator, MD, corporate exec, entrepreneur, Arab teacher, primary school teacher) who adopt free software.

Dr. Mohammad seems like a pretty amazing guy who is also a computer programmer, originally from Bahrain and currently working on a million things including as a Research Fellow for the National Institutes of Health (NIH) in the US. He's also a champion of open source and has a collection of on and offline resources to that end: His website, blog, Free Software for Busy People and a book of the same name that you can buy in hard copy or peruse online.

The book is aimed as what Cory Doctorow terms information-civilians - regular people who need to work with technology. The book simply and clearly states the case for adopting free software and provides equally clear and simple explanations of how to switch and what to expect when you get there. You can buy a printed and bound copy of the book, download it as a PDF file, or read it as a hyperlinked html file.

Dr. Mo is looking for volunteers who can assist him in converting his book into various digitalized formats that can be shared with the community. If you are interested and would like help him out, please get in touch with him here.

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Aero Asia Starts 4 Flights a Week to Bahrain

In a major new policy decision the Ministry of Defence, Government of Pakistan has approved changes in the National Aviation Policy and allowed private airlines for operating the additional routes and frequencies on international routes. The Ministry of Defense and Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) have granted permission to Aero Asia (currently the largest airline of Pakistan's private sector) for starting 4 flights a week to Bahrain.

Similarly, Aero Asia has also been permitted to initiate flights to the UK, Singapore-Oslo-Copenhagen, the UAE and Qatar. The new changes also impact two other emerging private airlines namely, Shaheen International and Airblue. This would break the monopoly of the national flag carrier Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) on the international routes. Read More ....

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Bahrain Plans to Take Kenyan Runner On Board

Wesley Cheruiyot allegedly faked sickness during the World Youth Championships in Marrakech, Morocco. Athletics Kenya (AK) chairman Isaiah Kiplagat said Cheruiyot plans to defect to Bahrain and running in Marrakech was going to spoil his chances. Kiplagat said the runner was misled by another defector to Bahrain that he risked missing the deal if he competed for Kenya.

Kiplagat said world youth 1,500m champion, Dennis Chepkurui, who is a neighbour of Cheruiyot, took him aside and convinced him that running for Kenya would mess his chances of defection. The runner, Kiplagat said, is already talking with Bahrain, who plans to take him on board. Read More ....

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IAAF orders investigation into Bahrain's Athletes (ex-Kenyans') ages

World athletics chiefs have ordered a probe into the ages of two ex-Kenyans now running for Bahrain. Taker Tareq Mubarak, formerly Dennis Kipkurui, and Ali Belal Mansoor, formerly John Yego, are said to have cheated about their ages to represent the Gulf state at the world youth championships which ended last week in Morocco.

(Isaiah Kiplagat, Chairman Ahletics Kenya)

"It appears that both athletes were Kenyans earlier, therefore we ask you to provide all relevant information about them," Istvan Gyulai, the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) general secretary told Athletics Kenya chairman Isaiah Kiplagat.

(Tareq Mubarak Taher of Bahrein sets a new World Youth Record in the 2000m Steeplechase)

Mubarak (Dennis) won the 2,000 meters steeplechase gold. Mansoor (John) was successful in the 1,500 meters. Press reports point to a five-year age discrepancy in Mubarak's case. The two men could not be reached for comment. Their cases are expected to be discussed at an IAAF Council meeting in Helsinki on August 3-4. An increasing number of Kenyan athletes, tempted by lucrative contracts, have been switching to Qatar or Bahrain, prompting concern among officials.

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Dubai-based blog back in action after block is lifted

A blog (Secret Dubai Diary) was back on screens after the block imposed on July 17th was lifted last Tuesday (July 26th) by Etisalat (UAE's National Telecom & ISP). The block (ordered by the Ministry of Information in the UAE) is believed to have been imposed after a complaint over a poem satirising expat attitudes. Dubai (and regional) bloggers, however, expressed disappointment over the decision. They claimed the blog lacked controversial material. The blog owner of Secret Dubai Diary, is now back in Dubai, and today blogged her first post eversince the block was lifted by Etisalat.

The blocks being passed upon blogs in nothing new in the Gulf region after quite a number of blogs having been banned in the countries where they're based by their respective governments. In March this year, University of Bahrain had blocked access to a Bahraini blog run by an expat- Chanad from their Sakhir campus. The status of that block is still unknown at this point, however, no reasons were given by the educational institution regarding the action taken. Chanad has attributed the block to disagreement over some of his blog postings over the recent wave of demostration to sweep Bahrain in the past year.

UAE's Etisalat blocks internet sites on instructions from the Ministry of Information. However, the proxy server that prevents access to selected sites does not extend to Emaar properties or to Internet City and Media City. Secret Dubai Diary is one of over a thousand blogs, or web logs, based in the UAE. Read More ....

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Saudi Camps Outside Government Establishment

A Saudi man used a unique way to attract attention to his suffering, Okaz newspaper reported. He continually suffered from government bureaucratic procedures; every time he visited the government department to ask about his paperwork, they told him to come back after a few days.

In response, the man set up a small tent outside the government department and took his family to live with him. The man told Okaz that he did this just to attract the attention of the officials to his suffering and to solve his case.

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Bahraini company acquires US-Based Gas Storage Facility

GAStorage Investment LLC, a company organized by global investment group Arcapita, has acquired the majority equity stake in Falcon Gas Storage Co. for $100 million. Bahrain-based Arcapita, which invests in companies with strong management teams in businesses with a sustainable value proposition, has injected additional capital to complete the expansion of Houston-based Falcon's existing gas storage facilities.

"Our new partners will provide Falcon with the capital necessary to complete the Phase II and III expansions of our Hill-Lake Gas Storage Facility, as well as the Phase I and II expansions of our Worsham-Steed Gas Storage Facility," said Falcon President and CEO John M. Hopper in a press release. "In addition, we have earmarked part of our new investment capital for the development of our MoBay Storage Hub in southwestern Alabama, which will serve markets in Florida and the southeast.

Current Falcon management will remain in place and continue to retain a material equity ownership in the company, the company said. Falcon is the largest privately held, independently owned developer and operator of high-deliverability, multi-cycle natural gas storage capacity in the United States.

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Women To Watch In The Middle East

Slowly but surely, change is happening amid the feudal monarchies of the Middle East. Women recently voted in an unprecedented election in Iraq. Women now vote in Bahrain, Israel, Oman, Qatar and Turkey. Such small, tentative steps are starting to change the political and economic life of the region, where many women suffer under centuries-old customs. Familial honor trumps women's rights.

All this is why the Middle Eastern women we found working in business and public institutions are especially noteworthy. These women didn't make our power rankings, but they are up-and-comers to watch. Several are self-made, including Dr. Nehad Taher, senior economist at the National Commercial Bank in Saudi Arabia, and Elham Hassan, senior partner at PricewaterhouseCoopers in Bahrain. Read More ....

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Thursday, July 28, 2005

Qatar strips 15,000 Qataris of citizenship

Amid disgraceful scenes at the Qatar-Saudi Arabia border, stranded Qatari citizens are unable to enter Qatar after the Qatari authorities stripped them of citizenship. These new refugees have lost all property and saving in Qatar. Members of the Al-Murra tribe have been most hit.

This is a clear violation of International law based on UN and Geneva conventions. Saudi press reports linked the removal of citizenship to the loyalty of members of the Ghufran clan - a branch of the Al-Murra tribe - to Qatar's deposed emir Sheikh Khalifa bin Hamad al-Thani. Read More ....

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Gulf Air suspends all flights to and from Mumbai

Due to the exceptional weather conditions impacting the Mumbai area and in particular the disruption this has caused at Mumbai airport, Gulf Air has been advised by the local Indian Civil Aviation Authorities to suspend all flights from and into the airport until further notice.

The airline has no aircraft stranded in Mumbai and flights to other Indian cities are operating as normal. Earlier today, Gulf Air said that they sincerely regret any inconvenience caused to passengers and is monitoring the situation closely and is keeping everyone advised accordingly. No time line has been given as to when services can be resumed. Any passengers wishing to change their flights or requiring updates should contact their local travel agent.

UPDATE - July 29th, 2005 @ 2.30am: In a press statement (late last night) to Soman Baby of the Gulf Daily News, Gulf Air was quoted as saying that 'it had been given clearance by the Indian Civil Aviation Authorities last night to re-start flights'.

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Al Jazeera Mobile service launched in Bahrain

The Al Jazeera Channel and Al Majaz Telecom have recently signed an agreement with (Bahrain Telecommunications Company) Batelco to provide breaking, political, business, and sports news through Al Jazeera Mobile Short Messaging Service SMS to customers in Bahrain.

Al Jazeera Channel's Marketing Director Hamad Yahya Al Nuaimi expressed his pleasure over the partnership with Batelco. "It is gratifying that Bahrain is another country to utilise our service, and can be added to the list of countries where Al Jazeera Mobile is operating. We are looking forward to extending the reach of Al Jazeera Mobile service worldwide," he said.

(From left: Head of e-Marketing (Al Jazeera Channel) , Chief Executive Officer (Al Majaz Telecom), General Manager (Batelco), Marketing Director (Al Jazeera Channel) and Mobile Data Manager (Batelco) were present at the signing ceremony)

In the future, Al Jazeera Channel will introduce the (WAP) technology, where "Batelco" subscribers can browse a selection of articles from the AlJazeera.Net website through their GSM, and "Video Streaming", where mobile owners can watch Al Jazeera Channel news and programmes on their GSM. Read More ....

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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Photo News: Commanding Officer of USS Nimitz Interviewed by the GDN

(Photo credit: Photographer's Mate 2 nd Class Kim Bennett.)

Capt. Ted N. Branch, Commanding Officer of USS Nimitz (CVN 68) and a native of Long Beach, Ms., explains the carrier's mission in the Arabian Gulf to Gulf Daily News reporter - Eunice del Rosario on July 23rd. The interview by the GDN was published on 26th July, 2005. Read More ....

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Saudi Youngster Causes Alarm in Bahrain

A Saudi youth caused an alarm among Bahraini security services late Tuesday night when he used his car to break through the inspection and passport gates of the King Fahd Causeway on the Bahraini side, driving toward the mainland.

Police units from all the services under the umbrella of the Ministry of Interior were scrambled to begin a massive manhunt for the driver and his white Ford, which they feared to be carrying explosives. The alert covered all working police and undercover units in the small island, after Causeway police failed to halt the car down before it exited the 25-km Causeway. Read More ....

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Welcome to News Blog re-Blog

Welcome everyone.... first off its a big pat on the back to all those bloggers out there who are bringing issues that some of us never knew existed due to the lack of their coverage by mainstream media. Also a huge shout out to all those mainstream media journalists and TV anchors who have begun blogging in Bahrain and elsewhere. Keep up the good work and we hope others who work within the traditional media outlets will follow onwards. Secondly many thanks to our dear friend and fellow blogger, Haitham Sabbah, who runs AraBlog reBlog for being the main source of inspiration for us in launching News Blog re-Blog. This blog has been launched with the aim of adopting the same concept by AraBlog reBlog, however, instead of showcasing a majority of blog postings, News Blog re-Blog will highlight news topics and issues of interest that deserve to be mentioned but not published by the local daily newspapers.

At the start, most of the news topics that will be blogged would revolve around happenings in Bahrain but as time passes by and this blog sees progression, we hope to expand our coverage of news topics and awareness issues not published by the mainstream media in the region. Does this mean that News Blog re-blog can be considered at the same press level or as good as an officially recognized newspaper or official source of information? Not at all, we'd like to emphasize the point that this blog does not serve as an official newspaper web site nor does this blog undertake the responsibility of becoming an official online newspaper. The bloggers behind News Blog re-Blog are experienced, young and dynamic, we do not have the time to get 'officially recognized' nor do we have the resources required for becoming an official source of information. Therefore, as you may have seen, this blog is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution License, version 2.5 and come under the umbrella of the CPB (Committee to Protect Bloggers) and RSF (Reporters Sans Frontiers) while following guidelines set out by the EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation) and other organizations internationally.

How exactly does News Blog re-Blog work if this blog is not an official newspaper or the like? Well, we will be blogging stories and reports that have already been published by other media outlets, may they be official or unofficial news feeds. All blog postings on News Blog re-Blog will be given the necessary credit and their sources will be linked where appropriate. One of our aims include honest reporting and editing while striving to bring our readers news reports as they happen, please keep in mind that due to scarce resources there may be times when this blog will take a break. That does not mean we will abandon our readers, fellow bloggers and others, it’s only an occasional blackout that many bloggers experience from time on and off. We have launched News Blog re-Blog as another experience that would widen our horizons and add on to our learning curve. You could also say or take it that we blog here as a hobby.

As of now, we have no interest in revealing our identities, since we'd like to keep our blogging interests separate from other interests and commitments we deal with in our lives. That may change in the near future. For now, we hope to keep readers informed of events and issues when they occur while respecting the laws in the region. You are requested to read our disclaimer and privacy policy for more information. We also respect the wishes of some readers who wish to leave comments but anonymously and therefore we've allowed that option in this blog, however, all racist, sexist and hate comments will be removed without warning so please do not abuse the comments section of this blog. It is true that there should be no censorship on the internet and blogs should not be banned, blocked or censored, with that said, we believe in responsible free speech and hope the readers of this blog will understand.

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