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Saturday, December 24, 2005

New Islamic TV Channel Launch in Bahrain

Bahrain is to launch an Islamic television channel aimed at meeting the needs of young people who want more information about Islam, the Dubai-based newspaper Gulf News reports. "The station will be a moderating voice and will help reorient the Muslim mind and behaviour in accordance with the teachings of Islam. It will be open to all sects in Bahrain," said the Islamic Affairs Undersecretary Fareed Yacoob al-Meftah. Targeting young men and women in the kingdom, the channel will keep up with the latest events in Bahraini society, covering contemporary and relevant issues, and aims to offer something new, al-Meftah said.

"It will be vastly different from the current stations and will not follow the traditional style of presenting Islamic and cultural programmes. It will be both outstandingly creative and highly informative," he said at a ceremony to honour graduates in Islamic studies.

The Bahrain Radio and Television Corporation will help set up the channel, which will partly be financed by the private sector. Bahrain currently has an Islamic radio station which broadcasts verses from the Koran 24 hours a day. All television channels in the kingdom are owned and run by the government, but the first privately-owned radio station, Sawt al-Ghad, went on air in September, broadcasting entertainment programmes, and its owner, Khalid al-Shimmari told Gulf News he plans to launch a TV channel next year. A business TV channel is also expected to start broadcasting from the Bahrain Financial Harbour.

Source: Gulf News via AKI

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