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Friday, December 30, 2005

Happy New Year & Good Bye!

We've had so much of fun with this blog that at times reblogging news briefs took over our lives. This blog started way back in July 2005 and when fellow bloggers and others came to know about it, they loved the idea of selected news articles -- some of which were not covered by the newspapers in Bahrain on time or just not covered at all. News Blog re-Blog started out as a hobby, something we did during boring classes in college and amazingly enough we grew hooked on to locating news stories about Bahrain and the Middle East that we found interesting.

It was just 3 of us in the beginning, then we grew to 5, including a cool professor that spoke with a funny French accent, but anyways time soon caught up with all of us, that cool prof left Bahrain, as his sabatical had just got over, one of our friends went to graduate school to study law and another got transferred to a college in Austria. There were just 2 of us remaining. We almost lagged somewhere in September but energetic Mahmood got us going again and we plodded onwards (with a smile of course!). Last week, we both graduated from college, and we're out of here! We will be back in Bahrain soon, for our convocation, but until then we kinda' got busy with 'working' in the real world, have other blogs and don't have time for reblogging news briefs nowadays -- plus! all the other bloggers in Bahrain have some awesome blog postings every day to keep you on the go via BahrainBlogs.org does

We never looked at this blog with seriousness, to us it was just something we did to amuse ourselves with the lack of news coverage on touchy/itchy headlines concerning Bahrain and the Middle East. In one way, reblogging taught us a lot about how to approach news topics and content that is deemed newsworthy. Unfortunately, we had to turn down some fabulous job offers that resulted from some of blog postings because we are or rather we were college students -- something that our audience did not realize at first while some journalists thought we were actually former reporters or something of the like.

When we began to reblog, we could have counted the number of blogs in Bahrain, but today, that is proving to be somewhat difficult with as many as 3-5 blogs a say sprouting up, for example the young bloggers we know from various universities in Bahrain and overseas and now people around Bahrain, from all walks of life are starting to get the hang of blogging. There is, however, a long way to go for blogs, bloggers and blogging in Bahrain and you can think of this as just the beginning of an end! If someone needs to get on top of what's happening in Bahrain, all they do is point their browsers to BahrainBlogs.org and voila! On a positive note with respect to Main Stream Media here, we have journalists blogging along with TV news readers -- that is very encouraging.

Some of the news briefs we blogged here showed us Bahrain from different perspectives, some negative and some enlightening. Thanks to all you bloggers based here in Bahrain and beyond who supported us along the way - we appreciate it!

Happy new year everyone and here's to a prosperous 2006 :-)

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Happy New Year.. You have done a great job. Wishing you all the best in your future 'projects'. This certainly was a lively blog.

Posted by Anonymous sillybahrainigirl #  


Hats off to an excellent job! Thank you for the effort you put into this!

Wishing you a happy 2006!

Posted by Anonymous moodz #  


It's a shame to see you go, this site has become one of my regular site to visit frequently. However I understand your reasons and would like to thank you for the time you have taken to bring us all the news you have dug up.

Best regards and much luck with your future endeavours.


Posted by Anonymous Mahmood Al-Yousif #  


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