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Thursday, December 22, 2005

Girls in Qatari Prince Case Receive Suspended Sentences

The Prague City Court definitively confirmed two-year suspended prison sentences for two girls who supplied Qatari Prince Hamid bin Abdal Sani with underage girls for sex, thus upholding a similar verdict given by the Prague 2 District Court. Dagmar Kazdova and Lucie Vanickova will have to undergo social and psychological correctional programmes. Zaneta Telioridisova, the third girl, who was given a similar sentence, had not appealed to the City Court.

The three accused girls contacted schoolgirls on the street offering them the opportunity to earn 2,000 crowns for sex and then took him to Sani. At first, they themselves were Sani's victims. Sani was sentenced to two years in prison in the Czech Republic, but his sentence has not taken effect. In the meantime, the Supreme Court endorsed Justice Minister Pavel Nemec's decision to extradite Sani to Qatar, after which Sani was released from prison and left for Qatar.

Qatari authorities have allegedly charged him, but are waiting for the Czech Republic to send his file before starting further investigation into his case. According to the charges, Sani, a member of the Qatari royal family, had sex with 16 underage and juvenile girls in the Czech Republic. He spent almost one year in Czech prison before leaving for Qatar where is is being investigated without being taken into custody.

Source: Czech Happenings

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