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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Bahrain's Contexture Associate Gets a New Chief Operating Officer!

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After 20 years in the business, Indranil Gupta looks as excited about advertising as do most of the starry eyed students of the discipline. Surely it is this fascination with his art that has goaded the executive director of R K Swamy/BBDO to chuck up his plum job in India to take on a new assignment with a Middle East communications consultancy company called Contexture Associate. Forty three year old Gupta is slated to join the Bahrain-based design shop on April 16 as chief operating officer. "This job will give me the global perspective that I was looking for," declares Gupta with evident joy.

"I am all set to move on. But my decision has nothing to do with the Indian advertising scenario in general or with anything happening at RK Swamy in particular. No such juice!" he chuckles. And adds that the founder of Contexture Associate is an Iranian-born Houstonian Vahid Mehrinfar, whom he describes as "one of the most gifted visualizers in the world". Mehrinfar has a background in industrial design with specialisation in automobile design, and happens to be a painter of magical realism. And six-year old Contexture Associate has positioned itself as a 'strategic consultant' which specializes in corporate branding. "The agency is mainly focused on positioning, signage design, corporate literature and industrial product design. These functions are becoming increasingly important with growing foreign investment in Bahrain," he says.

The agency - which has clients like Toyota, Isuzu, Volvo on the roster - has just been invested into by Saudi Arabia's 9th largest business group which operates in the fields of IT, travel and communications. "My brief is to augment the professional capacity of the operations and open up satellite offices in various parts of the Middle East. The idea is to provide a wider array of integrated brand communications services - beyond design - and simultaneously equip ourselves to serve businesses out of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Iran, Lebanon etc. Soon we hope to look at South East Asia and India as well," he promises.

Source: AgencyFAQs!

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