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Sunday, November 20, 2005

Things that have to be cleared up about Bahrain

From Ali.I.Karimi at the Int'l Football Forum on the IranKicks Football Talk website:

(Ok, im tired of fighting some of this stuff in every thread, so I'm hoping I can end it here.)

1. Bahrain spends millions on football.
Wrong. Bahrain is not the richest country in the gulf , its probably not even fourth richest. We get money from other Gulf Countries as well , so don't accuse us of bribing anyone.

2. We buy players.
Wrong. We are also the smallest gulf country (size) and second smallest in population, and the fact that every player is Bahraini is something we are proud of. Unlike Qatar, they spend alot and they buy players, all our players are Bahraini. The is one exception only , and he never plays.

3. We raised flags when Saudi won , we are Saudi's pets.
WRONG WRONG WRONG. We raised flags, but its because we were happy for Saudi. In the Bahrain Trinidad match, people from Qatar came with Bahraini flags and Qatari flags and waved both during the match. You could also see some saudi flags and some saudi players came for support as well. If you watch any arab channels you would have heard prior to the match at least one person wishing Bahrain good luck. I was watching the Qatari league when the announcer said it while talking about the quality of the league.

4. We bribed the FA to get a replay against Uzbekistan.
WRONG. They ASKED for a replay, they wanted 3-0 but the AFC wouldn't give them that. So they accepted a replay and tied. It has nothing to do with Bahrain ! 3-0 is ludicrous anyway so don't say we bribed the AFC.

5. Bahrain is oil rich , Sheik filled, desert loving, camel people land.
-Ok, Bahrain doesn't have too much oil , it has some natural gas but less than Qatar.
-We have Sheiks but a large part of our population is Shi'ite , and a good portion of Irani decent.
-Desert loving. Bahrain was a tropical island until about 50 years ago, there were palm trees and sweet water. Then the goverment digged up the sea , salt water got it and the plants died.
-Camel people. There are camels but not too many, hardly any. No one uses them to get from place to place anyway.

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