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Sunday, November 20, 2005

Our Daily Interesting Finds Related to Bahrain

The BahrainGP website is built on top of Wordpress. For those who don't know what Wordpress is, (from the wordpress.org site) it is a state-of-the-art semantic personal publishing platform with a focus on aesthetics, web standards, and usability - WordPress is both free and priceless at the same time. Apparently, the BahrainGP website has been designed and developed by FlipCorp - a Middle Eastern Interactive agency located at the Dubai Media City and the same firm that recently revamped Air Arabia's website (which is also built upon WP).

While skimming the source code for the bahraingp site we found out that interestingly enough WP themes were being called from bahraingp.flipcorp.com while images and textual content came off the bahraingp.com url - not a big deal, just that one would usually believe in storing both content and design webparts on the same server (that's not a suggestion - just an opinion, you're free to take it as a suggestion though). ...And the BahrainGP rss feed can be accessed from here.

It was also encouraging to see that FlipCorp had launched their blog (FlipBlogSpot) earlier this month (again WP) and now we hope to see some 'real' competition on the UAE/Dubai Corporate Blogging Scene - between FlipCorp's blog and the one over at AmeInfo. It would be a WP versus Blogger scene. Obviously, each to his/her own when it comes to blogging, but both blogs have more or less categorized themselves as corporate blogs - and though AmeInfo had an early start, their blog content is not at all appealing (mostly press releases) compared to FlipCorp's blog postings on the net's ongoings.

2 new blogs from Bahrain popped up on our radar: The Flooze and Living in the Gulf. Both blogs give Bahrain a new face from the culture shock point of view and it's all power to the ladies behind these blogs plus a big welcome to them on behalf of Bahrain's Blogosphere.

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Hi, thx for the comment.

Re bahraingp.flipcorp.com - if you believe it or not, our client had been hacked and lost his access to network solutions, where their site is hosted. In order to launch on time, we had to host the site on our c-level domain....just don't ask.....too much trouble.

WP is great, we built our own CMS based on the open source (www.flipcorp.com/cms) and are contributing with lots of new modules to the community.

By the way, I am looking to hire web geeks in Bahrain, since we are opening an office there soon.

Please contact me on martin@flipcorp.com if you are interested to work with us / know anyone.

Cheers and thx


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