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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Giff-Blog: I'm Glad Bahrain Didn't Qualify

Wednesday produced lots of drama and controversy, as well as a complete 32-team field for the World Cup. And I'm glad Bahrain is not among them. I’m not anti-Bahraini, but I’m glad Bahrain didn’t qualify for the World Cup yesterday. In my opinion, they didn't deserve to qualify based on their play yesterday. They had a horrible game plan: play for the draw. And that's being generous. They didn't seem to have any type of game plan at all to be honest. They didn’t go for the jugular, unless you count Kelvin Jack misjudging that ball in the first half. Even T&T went for the jugular, even hitting the crossbar once.

Bahrain couldn’t string three passes together. They didn’t even try to string three passes together from what I could gather. They seemed to have no concept of clock management. A little possession goes a long way. Look at how the Trini’s were killing the clock at the end. If the Soca Warriors weren’t dinking passes back and forth they were taking the ball to a corner flag and blocking the ball and draining the clock. Is it pretty? No. Hell no. But it’s smart. It’s disciplined. It’s the type of stuff you need to do when you’re simply trying to survive at the end of a match.

The reason I’m glad Bahrain didn’t qualify has nothing to do with their protestations and shoving matches and general poor sportsmanship at the end of the match.First, the Soca Warriors played a better game. They were better. They are better. I certainly had my doubts after seeing the first leg. The Trini’s looked bad. Awful. I’d seen them lose before by comfortable margins to the likes of the United States, but in those matches they had played so much better but just simply got beaten by a superior team. Yet Bahrain still couldn’t beat them in that first leg, or in the second leg. In my opinion the better team won over two legs. The better team actually won a match! This ties directly into the other reason I’m glad Bahrain didn’t qualify for the World Cup.

Source: Goal.com

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