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Thursday, November 17, 2005

DJ colette in bahrain

Dj Colette came out last week to play at our night over at Club L here in Bahrain. It was a good night with her singing over her dj set throughout the night. People here were pretty impressed by this, since this is something they do not see to often on this side of the world. Some people commented on how she was the best dj we brought out so far for Club L.

The night started out a lil slow, but eventually it picked up later on into the night, as the club filled with alot of crazy people. Colette delivered a nice set of jackin House rhythms, kin to her Chicago background. Sad to say by 2am when he had to close, no one wanted to leave, so we had an entourage of people just hanging after that talking, and perplexed where to go next. So this week we got Richard Parker from Amsterdam coming out to rock the decks, looking forward to that!

Source: Rock Steady 909

(Here's a heads up to everyone in Bahrain's Blogosphere on the discovery of a new blog from Bahrain - Rock Steady 909)

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