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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

DJ Aqeel Spins in Kuwait

World renowned DJ Aqeel Ali’s performance at Safar Palace drew a sizzling crowd of over a thousand who danced the night away to the foot stomping trance at the DJ Aqeel Nite organized by the Hot Stepper on 4th November 2005. The event proved to be a grand success with a huge fan following from GenNow and GenNext alike. DJ Tony and DJ Aryan kept the hall smoking till the Man of the Nite hit the stage and spinned one track after another.

His personal life at a glimpse…Aqeel is married to Jewellery designer, Farah Khan Ali ( Sister of Susan Khan , wife of Hritik Roshan ). Farah is on a professional high working with Ishu and Sunil Datwani , selling signature designs of mostly bridal jewellery. Their young son, Azaan completes the trio.

This bizarre facet in the realm of music claims that it all started about eight years ago when he went to Hongkong for a holiday and met up with a few Djs. He was in complete awe of how people danced to their tunes and the way they reached to them. His unvarying desirer to become absorbed in music professionally and the opportunities knocking at his door clicked the big picture for Aqeel Ali and he decided to come to the Indian music terrain Mumbai and try it out here.

Source: Bellvision

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