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Monday, November 21, 2005

Direct Costs of Child Abuse Revealed in Study by Bahrain Society

Child abuse costs the world $94 billion a year, according to a recent study. The study was conducted by Be-Free, an anti-child abuse and neglect program run by the Bahrain Women Society. The study examined the direct costs that arise from child abuse, such as the cost of hospitalization in the cases of physical abuse as well as the indirect costs associated from child abuse, for example high rates of adult criminality and the resulting loss of productivity to society.

"Children don't learn by hearing but by watching," Soroor Qarooni, founder of Be-Free and a panelist at a symposium on protecting children from abuse, exploitation and violence held Friday at the World Association of NGOs' (WANGO) annual conference in Santo Domingo.

Qarooni said that children who witness acts of domestic violence are more likely to be in an abusive relationship later in life and are more likely to commit acts of abuse themselves. The importance of strong family values was cited as the most important preventative of child abuse by Qarooni and her fellow panelist, J'Lein Liese, founder of Foundation for Global Leadership, which provides training and technical assistance to governments and non-governmental organizations in the areas of post-conflict reconstruction. Read More....

Source: Dominican Today

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