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Friday, November 11, 2005

Bahraini Researcher: Women Should be Rulers in the Arab & Muslim World

This clip is of excerpts from an interview with the Bahraini researcher
Dhiyaa Mussawi, which was broadcast by Al-Arabiya TV on September 21, 2005.

*Clip # 900 - Bahraini Researcher Dhiaa Mussawi: Women Should be Rulers in
the Arab and Muslim World. I Call for Understanding the West, Not Dissolving
in It

Dhiyaa Mussawi: First of all, of course I don't think that Islam is against
women. Second, I think part of the crisis in the Arab world is that no Arab
country is ruled by a woman. I believe women can even be rulers, not only
judges. This is my ideological belief, which I can support with
jurisprudence. Some scholars, like Sheikh Shams Al-Din and Fadhlallah called
for that. We believe that women...

The interviewer: You mean women should be rulers?

Dhiyaa Mussawi: Yes. The problem is that we still live in a male-dominated
society. [...]
The Western world thinks about reaching Mars in 2015, while we are still
debating the question of women driving, like some of our brothers in Saudi
Arabia are doing. [...]

The interviewer: You are not trying to make points with the West?

Dhiyaa Mussawi: Absolutely not. I wish for a future and for coexistence
between people. I believe in the verse "Call [people] to the way of the Lord
with wisdom and goodly exhortation," and not in calling [people] to the way
of the Lord with goodly explosives belts, or bombing them in the most
gracious way.? [...] We must strengthen the common ground in the mentality
of the believing youth, instead of allowing Muslims to develop an outlook
based on explosive historical stories, so they will explode in New York,
London, or any other place.

To view this clip: http://www.memritv.org/search.asp?ACT=S9&P1=900

Source: Memri TV

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