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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Abul-Gheit: Egypt not responsible for failure to issue Bahrain declaration

Egypt's Foreign Minister Ahmed Abul- Gheit said Egypt's reservations, during a meeting of the Foreign Ministers of Bahrain's forum for the future, was not behind the forum's failure to release a final communique. Egypt's State Information Agency reported that "He said that Egypt has approved Bahrain's document which was prepared in advance, despite reservations" by other Arab states. The report said: Abul- Gheit said the future foundation is a voluntary effort that aims at lending support to non-governmental organizations.

He estimated the number of non-governmental organizations operating in Egypt at 18,000. He said Egypt insisted that support should be extendedonlyto legally registered organizations because experience over the recent years has proved that some organizations were not serving the interests of their target communities.

Abul -Gheit said Egypt informed the American side of its viewpoint but the American response was not favorable. Egypt was thus forced to make reservations on the paragraph. He denied reports that he refused to take partin the press conference in Bahrain, pointing out that the conference was confined to Bahrain and Britain and the so-called forum presidency partners. He said he did not suddenly leave Bahrain pointing out that his departure was set in advance as he was set to meet European Union and Security Chief Javier Solana in Cairo.
Source: ArabicNews.com

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