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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

A Syrian American Reveals the Naked Truth about the Power of Protest Today

The naked woman in the Washington Square Park fountain turned at least a few heads Tuesday. “Stop the War” was painted in red across her backside, down her legs and over her breasts. She had also scrawled something in Arabic that this reporter could not decipher.

( Faisal spent an hour at the precinct and was given a court
summons for exposure, a violation akin to a traffic ticket)

Curious tourists craned their necks to get a better look. A few people lounging on the fountain steps applauded lamely. The nude woman, a 47-year-old Syrian artist named Hala Faisal, pumped her fist toward her supporters. She circled the inside of the fountain several times until a police officer approached and asked her to put her clothes back on, which she did without ceremony. She was then led away to a waiting police car and hurried off to the Sixth Precinct.

The public disrobing — Faisal’s first foray into civil disobedience since she became a U.S. citizen three months ago — was intended to protest the U.S. war in Iraq and the Israeli occupation of Palestine. The event lasted less than 10 minutes and attracted the attention of those happening by the park on this hazy Tuesday at noon. Faisal’s one-woman protest begs the question: can a single individual have any influence whatsoever on global politics? Read More ....

Source: Downtown Express via The Joker
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