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Saturday, August 20, 2005

Spotted last July, Gulf Daily News Journalist in a F-14?

Yes we know this is old news, in fact it was us who posted the photo of Eunice del Rosario, the Gulf Daily News (GDN) Journalist interviewing Capt. Ted N. Branch, Commanding Officer of USS Nimitz of the US 5th Fleet (Navy) headquartered in Bahrain, on July 27th. We just got the refined results of today morning's blog crawl for the newest/latest blogs that reside within the Bahraini Blogosphere, and stumbled upon the following photo (thanks to The OBM News Network) of Eunice posing with a pilot in what is supposedly thought to be a F-14.

We would really appreciate if someone could confirm for us if the aircraft is really a F-14, and while we're on the topic of the 5th fleet, we'd like to welcome The OBM News Network to the Bahraini Blogosphere. Quite lately we've been noticing that the number of blogs being started up by US Navy personnel in Bahrain are on the rise. The News Blog re-Blog team will be posting a list of blogs from/about Bahrain in the next few days. Currently according to the statistics from our blog crawls, there have been more than 7 new blogs (based in Bahrain) launching per week.

How exactly do we locate new blogs based in Bahrain or track new bloggers from Bahrain? Now that is something we're sure will make another interesting blog posting on here and we hope to receive your feedback and suggestions. But until then....

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there is no way that this is an F14. It is more likely to be a helicopter. There is no space in an F14 cockpit for two people sitting abreast like this.

Posted by Anonymous Mahmood Al-Yousif #  


Hello. Ran into this site by accident and just to clear things up, that photograph was not taken on an F-14. In fact, I have never been in one. I was on the USS Nimitz watching them land. That photograph of myself was taken in 2003 in a Sea Hawk helicopter. With me is a Polish reporter from Radio Z Poland.

The OBM News Network is a private blog and has since been closed for public viewing.

For any queries, please email me on eunicedelrosario@gmail.com. Thank you!

Posted by Anonymous Eunice #  


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