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Saturday, August 20, 2005

Man from Qatar claims abuse in U.S. brig

A man being held as an enemy combatant is suing the US federal government, claiming personnel at a military prison in Charleston have mistreated him by withholding medical care, keeping him from practicing Islam and preventing him from seeing almost anyone but his guards and lawyers. Ali Saleh Kahlab al-Marri, 39, who has lived in Peoria, Ill., but is originally from the Persian Gulf nation of Qatar, has been in the Charleston Naval Brig since shortly after being declared an enemy combatant in June 2003. No charges have been filed and al-Marri says he is innocent.

(Naval Consolidated Brig in Charleston)

"He is only seeking improved conditions and to be treated humanely," said one of his attorneys, Jonathan Hafetz.

In the lawsuit filed last Monday against Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld and brig commander C.T. Hanft, al-Marri claims he has been mistreated in dozens of ways, ranging from being denied toilet paper to having interrogators threaten to send him to Egypt or Saudi Arabia for torture and having his wife raped. Al-Marri said he has been kept in solitary confinement. He also said the government unfairly censors letters to him, including blacking out almost an entire letter from a nephew in third grade, according to the suit. Read More ....

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