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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Kuwait is great, but nothing beats Manitoba in Canada: says teacher

The perpetual summer of the Middle East has its lure but for Perry Kalynuk, nothing beats living among friendly Manitobans. Perry and his wife Marian recently returned to their Virden home after 10 months of working in Kuwait.

“There’s a warmer atmosphere here than in the city,” Perry said. “We’re from rural Manitoba so it seems like everyone’s a neighbour.”

(Perry Kalynuk was born and raised on a family farm in Angusville and
graduated from Brandon University)

The teaching duo with more than 60 years of combined experience taught at the American Creativity Academy, where approximately 20 Brandon-area teachers currently work. Marian taught Grade 2 at the English-speaking boys school, and Perry Grade 7.

“They want English but they’re very careful of how much exposure to the culture there is,” said Perry.

The school curriculum, which included Islam and Arabic but did not permit singing, is strongly censored by the Ministry of Education. Read More ....

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