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Thursday, August 18, 2005

Is Dubai's Gulf News Coming to Bahrain?

Rumour has it that Dubai’s Gulf News (not to be confused with Bahrain’s Gulf Daily News) will be taking over Bahrain Tribune, the country's distant second English daily which has always suffered from negligible readership, dearth of content, and financial losses.

The move, if true, is bound to shake the locally dominant Gulf Daily News, which never faced any real challenge so far. Gulf News ( again not to be confused with GDN) is considered one of the better English newspapers in the Gulf. Read More ....

If this take over of Bahrain Tribune by Gulf News is actually true, does it have anything to do with this issue that sparked a strain in diplomatic ties last month? Also we take this opportunity to welcome Manama-Republic, a new blog that started up this August, to Bahrain's Blogosphere.

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Actually, the diplomatic tuss you saw had more to do with this. This whole time I was thinking it had to do with the message of the cartoon, but it really had to do with the fact that the image of a religious figure was used period, thereby enraging the "it destropys his soul" crowd. The fuss makes more sense in that light. I guess what had us confused was that no one would have made a fuss if his photgraph was published in a newspaper.

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Thanks guys for the mention.
I haven't heard any confirmation so far. but if true, it is most likely financially-related.

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