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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Impounded Saudi ship to be sold

The livestock carrier Mawashi Al Gaseem, which has been impounded at Port Adelaide since March, is to be sold. Orders were made in the Federal Court today commencing the sale process.
The ship has racked up debts to oil suppliers Bunker and other companies of more than $600,000. The ship's Saudi owners have not paid the 69 foreign crew since February.

(Jamie Newlyn - SA Branch Secretary at Maritime Union of Australia)

Creditors and crew hope the valuation and sale of the vessel will bring an end to the six-month saga. Jamie Newlyn from the Maritime Union of Australia says the ruling is finally some positive news for the crew.

"It's still a waiting game for the time being. We just need to wait and see what the valuation occurs and whether there is a sale so the crew can be paid and repatriated", Mr Newlyn said.

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where the heck did you guys disappear to? c'mon get goin' again!

Posted by Anonymous Mahmood Al-Yousif #  


thanks Mahmood for the inspirational booster.. its just been too much of partying and saying our last good byes to find out that you're left alone in uni while all your firends in the senior class have graduated and moved to other parts of the world where they continue to blog about Bahrain, etc. Porbably the focus is not much on Bahrain as one would like it to be.

Its an issue of time zones and getting freshmen to start blogging as well. But we'll find our feet soon :)

Posted by Anonymous News Blog re-Blog Team #  


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