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Saturday, July 30, 2005

WIPO Members Seek Compromise On Development Agenda

Up against a deadline to agree on a final report last week, members of the UN World Intellectual Property Organisation debating how the organisation can better reflect developing country needs got underway. Bahrain had an opportunity to discuss its proposal, tabled at the second meeting, which differs from the Friends of Development by not calling for substantive reform but rather focusing on increased technical assistance. Bahrain’s proposal, co-sponsored by 10 other countries in the region, was said at the second meeting to diverge from the views of those countries’ leaders at the South Summit held in Qatar last month.

(WIPO HQ Building in Geneva)

Bahrain and several other countries on the 21st of this month told the closed WIPO meeting that they see no inconsistency between the leaders’ positions, the current development agenda at the World Trade Organization, and those in the proposal. Several stressed the need for more financial resources for technical assistance.

When asked about rumours that the proposal was drafted by the WIPO secretariat, a Bahraini official said in an interview that the government developed the proposal itself and only asked WIPO about some technical points. He said Bahrain’s view is that under the status quo, it does not have to sign on to every WIPO agreement that is negotiated, and a country can get more technical assistance to bring it to the level of acceding to WIPO agreements. Bahrain has negotiated a free trade agreement with the United States under which it agreed to stronger intellectual property rights protections. Read More ....

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