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Saturday, July 30, 2005

An ex-Journalist in Bahrain, Starts Blogging ...

Towards the latter of last month (June), an ex-journalist (a Bahraini reporter) took to blogging and joined the fray of current and former media personalities who are now enthusiastic bloggers within Bahrain's blogosphere. Blogging under a pseudonym - girl power, she has named her blog - 'Voice of a Bahraini Woman'.

Girl power welcomes her blog readers to the inside world of Bahrain which is also well known as the land of golden smiles and states that "Bahraini women are taking the country into a whole new dimension". The blog postings published on 'Voice of a Bahraini Woman', cover many topics of interest, right from the new trend of protests and rallies occurring in Bahrain and materialism to the human resources-employee issues and terrorism.

The team at News Blog re-Blog welcomes girl power to Bahrain's blogosphere and we kindly request our readers to please pay her blog a visit and voice your opinion as well. In girl power's own words, "Hear what it is like to live in a country driven by 'democracy' in the face of changes".

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